Fitness Tips for: Sport, Health, Strength & Shape

Being fit for sport

Whilst training for any sport it’s essential you stay strong, fit and flexible. Here are five top tips to help you move in the right direction…

  • Train in all planes of motion to improve sport-related movement. A multi-directional lunge works out your frontal and sagittal planes, for rotation (or transverse plane) use exercises such as a medicine ball woodchop.
  • Use dumbbells to promote stabilisation of joints and functionality. Try a dumbbell chest press on a stability ball instead of a chest press machine.
  • Work on your balance by training in an unstable environment. Instead of a standing bicep curl try the same exercise standing on one leg and see the difference that small adaption makes.
  • Train for strength, power and endurance. These aspects are paramount in all sports but, more importantly, changing your workout regularly will insure your performance will be kept to an optimum.
  • Prevention over cure. Keep those niggling injuries away by incorporating a flexiblilty program into every workout. Your warm up should take into account movement actions in your upcoming workout. After you workout, stretching tight muscles will keep you at the top of your game.



Being fit for health

In today’s stressful environment it’s never been so important to keep yourself fit and healthy. It’s a cliche but it’s true: healthy body, healthy mind.

Here are five top tips to improving your wellbeing…

  • A healthy core is the key to a healthy body. Using stability balls, dumbbells and medicine balls will keep your core muscles and joints strong.
  • Eat a good balanced diet, including breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. Keep yourself hydrated. It’s thought that a 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, difficulty focusing and daytime fatigue.
  • Keep your aerobic levels high by using cardio equipment. Incorporate movement-based exercises such as skipping alongside brisk walks and bike rides. This will go a long way to keeping off those extra unwanted kilos. If you drive to work, park further away than usual and walk the rest at pace. You’ll be surprised how much this wakes up the mind and you might not be so desperate for that first coffee in the morning.
  • Keep yourself as flexible as possible by incorporating a stretch program into your day. In your lunch break, spend 15 minutes stretching your tight muscles. You’ll notice the difference in both mind and body for the afternoon ahead.
  • Recovery and rest is as important as exercise. Give yourself rest days and at least 8 hours sleep a night.

Once these tips become a habit, they’ll revolutionise your daily lifestyle leading to a new you.



Increasing your strength

Has your strength training hit a wall? Maybe you just don’t know where to start. Here are five top tips to help break down that wall and put you on the road to a stronger you…

  • Variation is the key. Your body will eventually adapt to all exercises so make sure you change them regularly.
  • Exercising using your own body weight is key to improving your strength. The many variations of pull ups and press ups will keep you on your toes.
  • A strong core equals a strong body. If abdominal exercises are a major part of your workout you’ll notice improvements in all other muscle groups.
  • Find yourself a training partner. Someone motivating you through your exercises and helping you with the last couple of reps will give you massive improvements in a short space of time.
  • Muscles are made of protein. To get the best out of them have a high protein meal or shake after your workout to aid the recovery process.

If you stick to these simple rules you’ll see improvements in your strength in both the gym and your day to day life.



Changing your shape

Whether you want to fit into a bikini, a little black dress or a pair of old jeans, these tips will help you achieve your body shape goal.

  • Intensity over Duration. Just because you’ve been in the gym for 2 hours doesn’t mean you’ve had a workout. Interval training will burn those extra calories in a shorter space of time.
  • Weight training is the key to improving your shape. The more muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn. Just adapt the reps and rest period to suit your goal.
  • Try and use your body as a whole. Total body weight exercises will help tone up those troublesome areas and really raise your heart rate.
  • Stretching will ensure a balanced body and relieve any aches and pains following your high intensity workout.
  • Eat to lose weight. Eating little but often will keep your metabolism high. If you also stay well hydrated, those stubborn pounds will fly off.

Sticking to these very simple rules will give you a beautiful body, inside and out.


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